Smart Images

New functions for your website

Your images tell more than ONE story

Your images tell a story. Sometimes, images are the story themselves. However, user recommendations like “the following stories might also be of interest…” are purely based on text analysis – rather than image-based recommendations. This is what we have set out to change with smart images. The most prominent place on a website is the image. The image is cognitively recognition of images is much faster than text, ads or anything else on the page.

It is as easy as this: a small icon (drop down menu) is displayed on an image. It is not perceived as advertisement, but as a supplementary editorial function. It adds additional content and functionality to an image. This content is generated and displayed automatically, based on artificial intelligence and required no effort on the part of the publisher or other human intervention.

Examples for Smart Images

To see what’s possible with the Smart Images Function simply click on the small menue icon in the top left of the image.


Celebrity Recognition

Our system identifies faces and visual content automatically and offers complementary editorial functionality:

  • Image gallery: opens an image gallery with similar images from the respective publisher or external sources like stock agencies.
  • People: Learn more about celebrities in the image with info from the respective publisher or external sources.

Buy Fashion Items

The system automatically identifies fashion items within a photo. Click on “apparel” and choose the desired products. You can buy them immediately. This works even for multiple identifiable items in an image.


Geographic Landmarks

We are also able to recognize landmarks. Just click on “Landmarks” and learn more about the places in the image. Who knows, maybe one day we will offer trips, tickets or events?

The Benefits of Smart Images

The focus of Smart Images lies in the “add-on” of editorial functions on a website. The visitor engages with the website and actively retrieves new information. This increases a sites stickiness and images are monetized at the same time in a very discreet manner. This does not have an impact on the editorial quality or journalistic freedom, as the user actively asks for these functions and such contextual relevant content.

The benefits for the target group are obvious:

Website visitors

  • Additional information with the image
  • Does not need to leave the website
  • Unobstrusive
  • Voluntary interaction
  • Easily recognizable standard icon facilitates adoption


  • New editorial functions
  • Increases the stickiness of a website
  • Generates additional clicks
  • Internal links
  • Monetization of additional clicks
  • Free + incremental revenue by utilizing previously unused space
  • Use existing ad sources or outsource to adpressi


  • Contextually relevant ad spaces
  • Trigger impulse purchases
  • Real-time interest targeting
  • High conversion
  • High viewability
  • Reduced waste coverage
  • High budget allocation
  • Success based advertising
  • Innovative ad formats
  • Standard display ad formats

The integration is as easy as it gets. Just paste one line of code. Done. Try it out now and ask for a free test phase!