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Monetize existing space and earn incremental revenue

Is your mobile advertising revenue in proportion to your mobile traffic?

The in-media advertising technology is ideal for mobile advertising and combines three different data sources (image, website text, visitor profile) in order to identify the potential target group. Advertisements are displayed in a graphically appealing manner within the editorial post (e.g. in the image). Our native advertising is designed cleverly and unobtrusively so as not to distract the visitor from his journey on your website. Quite to the contrary, the relevance of the ads offers added-value and is perceived positively.

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With our AI technology, we can offer relevant online-shop products, similar images or similar stories to the context of photos, videos and text. This allows for the presentation of transactional advertising matching the visitor’s real-time interest.

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Three-tiered targeting

Our analyzing technology has a three step approach. This enables us to only show relevant ads and pay you a premium CPM. At the same time you are in control of what type of advertising is allowed on your website.

This is the most challenging analysis of all. We automatically identify the content of the image and categorize the images into advertising channels. It serves the dual purposes of filtering contextually relevant ads and filtering out inappropriate ad space. This makes the ads relevant, non-invasive and higher priced
Visual Analysis

Adpressi analyses the text of each webpage and maps it with our advertising categories. By matching visual and semantic findings, we know about the interests of the visitors at the time of the visit. This quality targeting was not possible before: image analysis + text analysis = real-time user interest!

Semantic text analysis

Adpressi can even enrich this information with a third component: behavioral targeting. We track the surf and purchase behavior of visitors across many external pages and can cluster the users based on historical data. This data is anonymous, so we do not know their names, but we know about their interests, geolocation, sex, age and maybe their purchasing behavior.

behavioral targeting

Benefits of in-media advertising for publishers

Incremental revenue

The images on your website represent existing, but unused premium advertising space. Advertising in images, text or the screen adds incremental revenue.


Customers engange with In-media ads. CTRs of more than 1% are standard. Elements such as forms and buy buttons can even add interactive functionality to your website.


The ads are contextually relevant to your website and are discreetly integrated into the content. In-media advertising does not interrupt the user’s journey.


You are in control of your website. You decide if we are to display ads programmatically, display our own ads from our premium advertisers or if we should work with your existing partners.


Thanks to our visual and semantic analysis, we know and understand the real-time interest of the visitor. The resulting genuinely relevant advertising is not perceived as a disturbing factor.

Mobile optimized

In-media ads work cross-platform on all devices. They work especially well on all mobile devices with attractive CPMs/CPCs. Start your mobile advertising campaign now!

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