Similar Widget

The “similar ad widget” displays similar content for the user. This may be similar images, videos or stories that the visitor is interested in. How do we know? Therefore, we analyze the image or video (e.g a beach on the maledives) and the website text (e.g. travel report about the maledives). We can also add elements of the user behaviour on the website. Since we have also analyzed the visual and text content of the publisher, we can easily suggest similar content and navigate the user on different pages. This increases the session time and the click rate of a user. Thanks to myriad APIs to online shops and other publishers, we may offer relevant products or similar stories on other portals (e.g travel report about other islands or travel offer from advertisers). Clicks or impressions are paid, though.

This is where the dynamic of the widgets show their full potential: As soon as a publisher adds or removes a story, this story is automatically added or removed from the dynamic widget at the time of the ad widget display.


It is possible to mix similar images or similar stories with paid ads, e.g. similar stories of external publishers or product offers from advertisers. For Adpressi, we put focus on the contextual relevance of the story or product to guarantee an uninstrusive ad environment and boost the click rate.