Fashion Widget

Adpressi’s fashion ad-widget displays relevant and available online shop products that match with the context of the website and the image or video. Our AI-technology first identifies the visual content (e.g. woman with sunglasses) and then the text of the website (e.g. fashion trends for sunglasses). In the blink of an eye, our system requests available and actual products via APIs to many different online shops worldwide and displays these shoppable products within our dynamic ad widget.

This is where the dynamic of the widgets show their full potential: As soon as an online shop adds or removes a product, this product is automatically added or removed from the dynamic widget at the time of the ad widget display.

See our online demo how it works in real life!



Besides fashion products, Adpressi can offer all kinds of products like beauty, wellness, shoes, sports, juwelery, cosmetics, home decor, electronics, etc.