In-Image Advertising with Adpressi

Adpressi is an independent visual context marketing platform. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), we are able to identify and understand both the visual content (images and videos) and the semantic context (text). This allows us to deliver contextually relevant ads or editorial functions to images and videos or the native text area in line with the visitors’ real-time interest. Additional revenue is generated for publishers without the need to create new advertising space. Advertisers get measurably higher attention and significantly better budget utilization with the native display formats.

For Publishers

Earn incremental revenue with existing but unused premium real estate on your website.

For Advertisers

In-Image Ads are non-invasive, contextually relevant, extremely targeted and highly visible.

Our in-media products

Find out how easy image based contextual advertising works and see all our ad products in the in-media ad gallery.


Our ad products

Our ads work cross-plattform making image based contextual advertising the leading type of advertising for mobile devices. Take a look at our gallery.

Our ad products

Visual Context

Enter a new area of ad targeting with our visual context analysis.

See how it works
Incremental revenue
Improved targeting
Native advertising
High Viewability
Optimized for mobile devices
Higher CPMs


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