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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Marketing

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Adpressi is a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) based marketing tools. The Adpressi system analyzes image and text content of a page and displays contextually relevant and dynamic content. Thus, Adpressi can recognize the real-time interest of a website visitor without having to read cookies. At the time of the visit, relevant advertising is displayed to the reader at the place with the highest perception: the image. We call this concept in-media advertising.

Surfing with privacy

Since Adpressi analyzes the real-time interest of a website visitor based on visual and text content of a website, rather than using cookie-based user profiles, you can safely click on content and enjoy the suggested content. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

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With the KI-based In-Media Advertising from Adpressi you can monetize existing but unused premium advertising space on your website. The dynamic advertising content is unobtrusive, targeted to the visitor, mobile-optimized, visible and contextually relevant. Learn more about the concept, the advertising formats and the advantages of in-media advertising as a publisher.

KI-based marketing opens up completely new possibilities to reach your target group:

  • With real-time interest
  • In a contextually relevant environment
  • In the visible area with high attention
  • unobtrusive
  • Mobile optimized

This not only ensures optimum utilization of the budget but also an ideal environment for your brand communication.

You can find out more about our advertising formats, the concept and the advantages for advertisers on our website.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Driven Marketing

High Viewability

Advertising on images is cognitively recognized in more than 80% as they are part of the editorial story. The human eye perceives the information of an image in less than 150 milliseconds.


In-Media Ads ensure a high level of commitment. CTRs of over one percent are the rule.

Native Advertising

Advertising is only displayed with a contextual reference to the website and the brand. This combines classic display advertising with the core of Native Advertising. Advertising is perceived as an integral part of the content.


We work very closely and flexible with our publishers and advertisers to create relevant campaigns across all channels.


Through the image and text analysis, we recognize the real-time interest of the visitors and approach them just at the right time. Even though he visited the site for the first time.

Mobile optimized

You can target your potential customers non-instrusively and in a mobile optimized format.

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