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What is Image Based Contextual Advertising?

In today’s online communication, photos and videos play an integral part. No wonder, the website visitor cognitively realizes images 60.000 times faster than text. In traditional publishing, these element are often excluded from advertising. However, this kind of media deliver important insights for the targeting and also make up a great eye-catching space for advertising messages.

Adpressi combines elements of in-image advertising, native advertising and transactional advertising. Our artificial intelligence (AI) based analysis technology combines three different data sources (image, website text, visitor profile) to identify and understand the real-time interest of visitors and thus that of your potential target group. Your advertising will be displayed unobtrusively within the scope of the editorial content (e.g., in images) and in the visitor’s read flow. The online ad is displayed in the context of the website so that the reader of the page perceives it cognitively and keeps your brand positively in his mind!

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The best spot for your advertising message

The photos and videos of an editorial post take up an integral part of the visible part of a website (above the fold). The human eye cognitively recognizes the visual content within 150 milliseconds. Consequently, this is the perfect spot for your ad with more than a 75% viewability rate. There are many ways how you can display your ad. The easiest way is to integrate a standard display banner. Alternatively, use a HTML5 animated ad as a “preroll” over the entire image or video, or display dynamic functions such as an online shop on the photo. Find our yourself how image based contextual advertising works for you!

Benefits of in-image advertising for advertisers

Excellent Viewability

In-image ads are integrated into the editorial content of a website and achieve a viewability rate of 80% and more. The human eye cognitively recognizes an image in less than 150 milliseconds.


Customers engage with in-image ads. CTRs of more than 1% can be realized. Interactive elements such as forms, buttons and even shops can be added.

Native advertising

Your ad is displayed only within a context relevant to your brand and on the website. Your ad is perceived as part of the content. In-image ads converge display and native advertising.


We work closely with our customers to ensure tailored solutions. We can work with advertisers directly or via existing partners and advertising platforms.


Thanks to our visual-image recognition and our semantic text analysis, we know the real-time interest of a visitor just at the right time. Further user behaviour data can be added

Mobile optimized

In-image ads work cross-platform on all devices. It works especially well on mobile devices. Our in-image ads are displayed in a non-invasive native way.

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Targeting with unprecedented accuracy

Our visual recognition software analyses the content of an image. On the one hand, we are categorizing the ad space to target customers only in relevant contexts. On the other hand, we can prevent the display of ads in undesirable contexts, like violence, erotic.

Visual Analysis

Besides the visual elements of a website, we are performing a semantic analysis of the text and apply an advertising category. Now we know the contextual relationship between the image and the text: visual content + website content = perfect categorization in real time!

Semantic text analysis

The visual and semantic analysis of the website content enables extremely good and real-time targeting of unknown users, even if they access the website the very first time.

Adpressi enriches this information with a third component: behavioral targeting. We track the surf- and purchase behavior of visitors across the web and can cluster the users based on historical data. This data is anonymous, so we do not know their names, but we know about their interests, geolocation, sex, age and maybe their purchasing behavior.

behavioral targeting

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