In-Media Ad Gallery

Native and responsive - perfect for mobile advertising

Dynamic Ad-Widgets

Besides the standard display banners, it is mainly our dynamic ad widgets that benefit from the analytical power of our AI-technology. We recognize the real-time interest of the user and dynamically create interest-based ad content. Fully automated!

Animated In-Image Ads

Please have a look at how animated in-image ads work.

Basically, it works like a preroll of a video. The genius of this ad format is that it reduces its size, reveals the content of the photo and moves to the bottom of it.

Live Demo

Have a look at our live demo to see how adpressi works and feels!

Choose the perfect space for In-Media Ads

All ads (display-banner as well as the dynamic ad widgets) can be placed at different parts of the website. Choose the perfect ad space. We are here to help!

Adpressi’s in-Image Ads are contextually relevant and displayed in the editorial part of the website, thus combining display advertising with elements of native advertising.